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Interested in a commission by yours truly? Drop me a note!

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I do not offer/accept ATs from people often. Usually, I do this for people I'm somewhat familiar with (like, we don't have to be best friends, but we have to be semi active with each other). Feel free to ask, if your character is inspiring enough I may go for it. Though if you haven't posted your half, I may take my good sweet time getting to mine.
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I probably get bombarded with Requests the most. Typically by people who don't even watch me. It's still kinda flattering but it's also kinda weird. I mean, to see a picture by someone you don't know, never knew before and the first thing you do is send them a note asking for free art? Rude af right? If you're my friend, or have at least given me art for free before, I'll definitely consider it. Otherwise, it's really rude and I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't actually ask.
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The Last Human
Blue waves: My lullaby,
Rock me gently,
Lest I drown in your embrace.

Knowledge approaches all, but only those who pay attention acquire wisdom. This latest siege brought to us an abundance of knowledge in the form of ancient artifacts once known as "books." I have yet to understand the purpose of these artifacts. Some of these books contain fantastic stories that contradict our understanding of the human's history; other books contain what seem to be guides for various hobbies; more still highlight human emotion in the forms of love, sadness, ecstasy, and rage. Then there are books breaming with groups of words in unusual format. By the title, I presume this format is called "poetry," and it mystifies me due to my incapability to understand. What were the humans hoping to accomplish with these tomes?
I ran my fingers across the faded words. Black on grainy white comprised the pages. Once, I had showed a similar artifact to my benefactor, but for him there were no images to be v
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Crystal Brite
Artist | Varied
United States
Formerly known as Crystal Thompson

About Me | Paetron
I suggest you give that a quick read before you engage me if you're sensitive... I'm not trying to be edgy or anything... I just have a tendency to upset people with the way I think and joke.

Rainbow Avatar 2 by xXMandy20XxIf you find yourself on the receiving end of a watch, it means I love your artwork even if I'm too stupid to think of what to say. I'm often at a loss for words, so I tend to :+fav: and +Watch without word.

Please though, if you like to chat, I'm all ears. I just usually suck at initiating conversation. I promise I'm not a meanie... cuz despite my loss for words, I tend to ramble once you get me going. Rainbow Avatar 2 by xXMandy20Xx

Uh well... welcome to my page. I'm Catt. I draw pictures and I make candy! I am a Pharmacy Tech! A little harder and easier than Candy Shoppe in a variety of ways, but I am happier here, xD

MasterFlickie is my fiancee and we've been together since October of 2005. We've known each other since 2003. He logs on like twice a year but he does appreciate the knowledge that people like his FLASH cartoons. Think of his page as more of a thing I use for joint icons.

There isn't enough space in the "Interests" pane for the tools I use for art. So I'll list 'em here!


:bulletpurple: Comic/Manga paper, Card Stock and printer paper.
:bulletpurple: Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils, Derwent Metallics, random brands of gelpens, Sharpies, Prismacolors

MSPaint, Gimp, PaintToolSAI, Photoshop

I'm very opinionated and am aware... enough how annoying I can be. I talk way too much about myself if you'll let me, so... feel free to tell me to quit any time. I won't be insulted, but sorry and embarrassed. I like bright colors and find that my gallery is very ravery and flowery on top of being a furry gallery.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + -

Alternate Account (following it is discouraged, but not disapproved): :iconthelaughingcatt:TheLaughingCatt
So I joined Paetron! I'm still lightweight working on it but the format is about where I'd like it.


I have rbfs real bad.
(resting bitch face syndrome)
I'm actually quite neutral this morning.
"I don't want to be one of those couples who settles into a routine and never changes."

Uhhh... Why is this a terrifying concept for people? How is settling down terrifying? Is it the fear of commitment? The fear of making a mistake? How do you get intimate with someone if these items are scary?
People are fucking weird.

This became relevant again and I always try to tell everyone about this site because Omg this site is a life saver.

Pass it onnnnnn.
This isn't blog worthy.

So, I was itemizing things I think I identify with (as I often do to see if I feel like it's the appropriate identity for me) variants I hide and share, etc. I'm pretty much an open book for someone with social phobia/agoraphobia with panic disorder.

Anywho, I guess I'll start somewhere.

I am an antinatalist. I do find it immoral to breed. I don't impose my views because of the shadow that I could be wrong. I always acknowledge the fact that there still could exist an angle or two I hadn't considered. But as far as I'm concerned, it is. Bringing a person into the world when you don't have to is so messed up because of the crippling fear that we will ALL die. Even if the planet was a perfect utopia, death is inevitable. So out of sheer nihilism (and proximal atheism) breeding seems wrong to me. Plus, how many kids need a home, and lost it to breeders because people have a critical need to have kids with matching genetics?

As stated earlier, I see myself as a nihilist. I don't believe there is any reason for life to exist. I think we exist because that's how the universe works. It can have life in it.
However. I do believe that we define our own purpose in our exponentially short time here. For me, my purpose is to talk the people I love. My friends, my cats, my husbunny... Anyone with "Light" inside them that I can detect is my reason. I like hearing about their life, their journey, their ideals, beliefs, fears, pleasures... Whatever makes them whole. I like seeing someone's character. Everyone is a Rubic's Cube and it's so fascinating to see them be themselves.

In my nihilism I am free.

In my antinatalism, I am uninvested in the future of the world. Sure, I have opinions about how it ought to be, and if I feel like I have the power to help people in front of me I will. But I don't believe I possess the power to make a difference in a large-scale way. I don't think anyone really does and I find these ideals to be a bit... "magical" in that I doubt the authenticity. However, I'm prepared to admit when I'm wrong, even here.

Bluntly speaking, I don't care to work toward a future that I will not be present in. I have no kin to defend either and the world made it very clear to me that they don't believe in the dangers they're conjuring. All I can hope for now is to outlive anything too dramatic, and continue to plug away at life until it owns me.

"Then why not just kill yourself?"
Petty. But it's a fair question. Simply put, and a driving force behind my antinatalism, I'm afraid of death. Anything I feel like I'm capable of based on what I have around me to use doesn't feel like it's a secure death. Then if it were, how long will it hurt for? Hedonism protects me for now.

Ah, hedonism. I became familiar with the term from Futurama thanks to Hedonism bot. But it's a good identity for me. I want to be comfortable at all times. If I'm not comfortable, I'd better be making money. So you can imagine my distress when I have to go out of my comfort zone. But I do it for another form of payout.

Being uncomfortable can make people I love happy. And seeing them happy makes me feel like I'm doing what I can to care for them. Which puts me in a pickle. How much discomfort is too much then? At what point does my sacrifice become taken advantage of? I genuinely don't know. Sometimes I gladly deal with discomfort for others and sometimes it angers me because of that darker feeling that comes with it.

But I don't want the people I love to go away.

It isn't a fear if loneliness as I'm perfectly happy in my isolation. It's far more complicated than that. I learned to love the people I became acquainted with. We started off as generic friends... People we look forward to chatting with online or wherever we met, but nothing dramatic. Then it happens behind the scenes; we talk more. Something deep becomes relevant and one of us are there for the other. We're exposed; our raw emotions. And everything that needed to be said is said, and roots of friendship take seed. So we move closer, putting more cards on the table as we enjoy being accepted by one another. Not needing to worry about what it is we're exposing.

I don't need a specific count of people I feel this for. But I do need the people I feel this for. Because in that moment does love happen. We're close, like a family.

I often dread this moment with people as I feel like after this magic hour, I become clingy and creepy. Anxious to talk again about myself or you, or something related to what we know.

I mean no one harm but I also can't afford to care about much outside of that. I feel my emotions extremely intensely and I need the world as I know it to be the world as it is. If you need me to be a fighter for faceless people, to care about the crimes in another land as I do my own, I think I would have a heart attack.

Some of us can handle it and some of us need to be callous. It's the only way we can meet the sunrise in the morning with a fragile smile and enough energy to make it through the day for those we can help.

I'm sorry... I'm not strong.
Oh I don't know... maybe I don't know how the entire world works...


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