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Crystal Brite
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Formerly known as Crystal Thompson

Rainbow Avatar 2 by xXMandy20XxIf you find yourself on the receiving end of a watch, it means I love your artwork even if I'm too stupid to think of what to say. I'm often at a loss for words, so I tend to :+fav: and +Watch without word.

Please though, if you like to chat, I'm all ears. I just usually suck at initiating conversation. I promise I'm not a meanie... cuz despite my loss for words, I tend to ramble once you get me going. Rainbow Avatar 2 by xXMandy20Xx

Uh well... welcome to my page. I'm Catt. I draw pictures and I make candy!

MasterFlickie is my fiancee and we've been together since October of 2005. We've known each other since 2003. He logs on like twice a year but he does appreciate the knowledge that people like his FLASH cartoons.

There isn't enough space in the "Interests" pane for the tools I use for art. So I'll list 'em here!


:bulletpurple: Comic/Manga paper, Card Stock and printer paper.
:bulletpurple: Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils, Derwent Metallics, random brands of gelpens, Sharpies, Prismacolors

MSPaint, Gimp, PaintToolSAI, Photoshop

I'm very opinionated and am aware... enough how annoying I can be. I talk way too much about myself if you'll let me, so... feel free to tell me to quit any time. I won't be insulted, but sorry and embarrassed. I like bright colors and find that my gallery is very ravery and flowery on top of being a furry gallery.
I tried last week to write this but I accidentally closed the tab and lost everything, rofl. 

First of all, I think I have my anxieties down to a manageable level. I thoroughly enjoy my job that I got midsummer (4 motnhs ago) and am doing great there. I work at a Candy Shop inside of a grocery store. I do a lot, I even help out the bakery (we share the same kitchen, but the bakery is on one side and we're on the other) which is also fun. I don't cook in the bakery though... all production I do is done in the candy shop. 

It's only 25/hrs a week, which while sounds like it shouldn't be such an imposition to my artwork and internet presence, it really, really is, heh. I'm only recently beginning to collaborate this new thing into my schedule and making everything work for myself. Or maybe the more accurate thing to say is that I'm trying to figure out how to live around a schedule. 

I took a long hiatus from my comic too. Mainly, I needed to change it a little to make it shorter, heh. But also, I wanted to make it digitally so I could do it in color.


First is an :iconevilmeep: barrage! He and I recently started chatting and I find him to be a really nice person.
Doggy Dame by evilmeepFrustrated Fox by evilmeepMarker Practice by evilmeepElectricatt Request 1 by evilmeepCutie Kangarootie by evilmeep
He's got a ton of OCs and was even nice enough to sketch Catt for me! xD His style is cute, they look a bit chibi and retro. 

Next is :iconanthroloverjay:, someone I've been following for a while, and enjoying their work from afar. I sometimes speak up but I'm a bit skittish at times, heh.
Slumber Party by AnthroLoverJayVanessa's Rockin' Birthday Card! by AnthroLoverJayBatman Rogues Gallery by AnthroLoverJay
He likes to draw a lot of characters together to create scenes which are usually cute or funny. Lots of attention to detail.

:iconthefrizzykitten: is an artist I began following quietly. I really love her work; very expressive and colorful!
Mango Yena Badge by TheFrizzyKittenMackle :Personal Art: by TheFrizzyKittenGizur Pixel Doll by TheFrizzyKittenBlue Tornado by TheFrizzyKitten

:iconponderingchibi: is another on I follow quietly. 

Spot of Color on a Dreary Day by PonderingChibi[AT] Aegis by PonderingChibiBattleblock Craziness by PonderingChibiAdopted OC - Aolani by PonderingChibi

And finally, my long-time friend, :iconkuri-lin: who is also open for commissions~ Check out his blog here:  Commissions/Donations NeededI know this probably won't get much exposure now that my days of popularity are over, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone reading this could please pass this link around.
In short, I'm a disabled person who is living in a very bad situation, and I am just having terrible luck getting any financial assistance or art-related work opportunities. 
Since I'm in such bad shape, it's hard for me to even take care of myself from day-to-day. But I want to be able to work as much as I can for money. I don't have enough income to cover my essential needs every month, unless I'm able to make extra money online somehow. (I don't even have a single pair of pants that fits right now, for example.)
What can you do to help? Commission me for art, even if it's just a chibi. Send me things in Japanese to translate. Or just donate a little something and send this message around.
I may be having bad luck, but I refuse to stop trying.
Translation blog:

Zarburter by kuri-linAbsolution [Page 04 + 05] by kuri-linKyuubey by kuri-linChimera Rin by kuri-lin

These are just but a few artists I really enjoy and admire, and their galleries have a lot of fantastic art; beyond the ones I highlighted. If you're here, give them a peep!


I've been super sick the past few days. Before that I was just working. Worry not, I am okay.
Sunflowers are my favorite flower. They're huge and pretty and their babies are delicious.
Cherrie Bomb's New Look by ElectriCatt
Cherrie Bomb's New Look
I modified her markings a tad. She still has her black strips on her back, but she now has black and orange puffs of fur around her wrists and an orange band of fur before the (now black) tip of her tail. Still eats bombs. Spicy, spicy!

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